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Client Management

Hide LTJ dashboard when turning a website over to client

Demo Websites

How to create a demo website

How to show all demo niches on your personal digital marketing website

Demo Site Shortcodes

Form Settings

Not receiving messages submitted through form

Customize Form Messages

General Support

How to contact LTJ Support

Can't save website edits

How to change account password

I am having trouble updating my theme: license email not accepted

Do Local Theme Jack themes work with wordpress multiuser sites?

Getting Started

Do I need separate hosting for my LTJ websites, or do you provide hosting?

How do I create an LTJ website?

Error Message: CSS Style Sheet Missing

Can I install LTJ over an existing wordpress site and retain all existing pages on that site?

Images Don't Display Properly on Mobile Phones

Where can I see live demos of all the Local Theme Jack themes?

How do I change my Local Theme Jack member password?


What are the image dimensions used in Local Theme Jack websites?

How to change favicon image

How to Edit Images Using Irfanview

How to use demo images and licensed images

How do I add / display portfolio images on my demo sites?

How to Change the Call Us Now and Form Images

Slider Images: Required Sizes

Lead Finder Jack

Lead Finder Jack instructions

Email Problems: Lead Finder Jack

How to edit email address in Lead Finder Jack

Lead Finder Jack Licenses

Lead Finder Jack not returning expected results

How to upload your own csv file of business leads in Sales Dynamite / Biz Lead Finder

How to add video link to a video image in Biz Lead Finder

How to Get Tracking Information in Mobile Email Campaigns

Not Getting Expected Results

License Email Error Message

How to use Biz Lead Finder on a Mac

How many credits do I get each month with Biz Lead Finder?

How to Set Up Amazon Mail Server

Email Open Tracking Lead Finder Jack

Link Tracking in email Lead Finder Jack

Lead Generation

Phone call script

Sales letter templates

5 Clients from 60 Letters

How much to charge for LTJ websites

How to generate targeted leads lists

How to Print 100 Letters in 5 Minutes

Can I use Lead Finder Jack to email a list I've generated elsewhere? Can I upload and use my own csv file into Lead Finder Jack to email prospects?

LTJ Enterprise

LTJ Enterprise Access and License Information

How many themes come with LTJ Enterprise?

What happens to the sites I've already built if I cancel my Enterprise subscription?

List of Available Enterprise Themes

Where to find Website Portfolio images

Niche Theme Not Available

How to edit text in website footer

How to download tutorial videos

Can I use the content that comes with LTJ themes on my client's websites?

How to update LTJ theme

How to White Label Local Theme Jack Site

Can\'t add or edit slider images

How to turn off the dots beneath the slider images

How to add a downloadable PDF document to a website page

LTJ Product Links

LTJ Enterprise: Purchase Link

Sales Dynamite: Purchase Link

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Mobile Wizard

How to use Mobile Wizard to get new customers

How do I get Mobile Wizard?

Where can I find the email template for Mobile Wizard?

How to Set Up Mobile Wizard on your Local Theme Jack Site

Why aren't my mobile wizard pages opening when I click the view link in Sales Dynamite?

Sales Dynamite

Sales Dynamite Instructions

Lead Finder Jack instructions

What is Sales Dynamite?

CSV file won't upload into Sales Dynamite Jack

How to display custom company name in demo website header

How to display correct company information in demo website header

How to create an email in Sales Dynamite Jack

How to find company name in Lead Finder Jack

How to do a Manual Domain Search

How to Set Up Amazon Mail Server

Setup Instructions

How to Customize Contact Information

Where to find short codes

Short code doesn't display properly

How to add logo to header

How to add phone button to website header?

Slider Images: Required Sizes

How to delete the Google, Yelp, Bing image strip on home page

How to update theme

Images Not Responsive

How to link Read More text to associated website page

LTJ Setup Instructions

What is the License Email?

How to style company name font style in header

Where to get free images to use on website

How to edit buttons beneath slider image on home page

How to edit footer links

How to remove testimonials section from home page

How to edit or add testimonials to website

How to remove or add a link from the top navigation menu

Sidebar on Portfolio Page not displaying correctly

Where to find form images to put on website

Where to find Call Us Now images for website

How to show a form on the contact page

Customer name not displaying in testimonials.

How to add body background image to website

How to display contact form fields

How to change favicon image

How to edit social media links at top of website

How do I update the website meta description and meta keywords for local SEO customization?

Where do I put the Google Analytics tracking code?

How to display correct address and map on website

How can I customize the styling of font sizes, colors, and other design elements?

Where do I add Google Analytics or other tracking codes?

Change Call Now Button to Email Us Button

How to Set Up Blog Page

How to hyperlink call to action image on home page

How to Hide the Page Title at the Top of Each Page

How to Remove Slider Dots Beneath Slider Images

How to Remove White Background from Logo in Header

Can you provide me with wording for the privacy and terms and conditions pages?

How to add a downloadable PDF document to a website page

Youtube Icon link

How to edit map settings


Images Don't Display

Site doesn't work right: Forms don't display, images don't display, video doesn't display, etc.

Problem Opening Theme Zip File

Can\'t add or edit slider images